The Ultimate Guide to Hermit Face Tools

We want to introduce you to three amazing little tools that will boost your skincare (and self-care!) game. They may just become your best friends when looking for a more radiant complexion. Combining quality materials, and ancient techniques, you’ll be feeling refreshed and energized in no time!

Introducing Our Face Tools 

Gua Sha

Used to reduce puffiness, relieve facial tension, and give you toned and radiant skin.

    Face Cup

    Used to stimulate circulation, collagen production, and relieve tension for a firmer, brighter complexion. 

      Konjac Sponge

      Used to remove makeup and impurities while gently exfoliating skin for a glowing complexion.  

      Why We Love Hermit Face Tools

      Excellent for both self-care and skincare! These tools are an easy addition to any skincare routine or self-care practice. By promoting relaxation and giving you a radiant, glowing complexion, what’s not to love? 

      Like all our other products, we made Hermit face tools with the environment (and you!) in mind. The Gua Sha and Face Cup are made with high-quality materials and are built to last. And the Konjac Sponge? It's fully compostable! We want you to feel good about your purchases. 

      Gua Sha

      Hermit Gua Sha Face Tool

      What Is Gua Sha? 

      Gua Sha is a traditional practice in Chinese medicine. It is a practice that has been around for many centuries and may even have originated in the Paleolithic Age. Traditionally used on the entire body, Gua Sha is used to stimulate new blood flow and cell repair. 

      How to Use Gua Sha

      • Start by cleansing your face to remove any impurities from the skin
      • Apply a face oil or serum to add lubrication to the skin 
      • Using light pressure, glide the edge of the stone along the skin in an upward and outward motion

      Benefits of Gua Sha 

      Gua Sha stimulates the skin and has many benefits including:

      • Lymphatic drainage 
      • Relieving tension 
      • Gentle, natural facelift
      • Depuffs skin and eyes
      • Sculpted and more pronounced facial features 
      • Increases blood circulation 
      • Improved skin elasticity 

      Face Cup

      Hermit Face Cup

      What is a Face Cup 

      A Face Cup uses suction to stimulate your skin and muscles. The practice of cupping is popular in Chinese Medicine and may even date back to Ancient Egypt. 

      How to Use a Face Cup 

      • Start by cleansing your face to remove any impurities from the skin
      • Apply a face oil or serum to add lubrication to the skin 
      • Pinching the cup between your fingers, place it against your skin, and gently release. This will create suction.
      • To avoid any bruising to the skin, be sure to keep the cup moving at all times.
      • Gliding along the skin, move the cup upward and out to the edge of the face. 
      • This technique can take time to fully master. Have patients and you will perfect it in no time!

      Benefits of Face Cupping

      Benefits of Face Cupping include:

      • Increased blood circulation
      • Strengthens skin and connective tissues 
      • Stimulates collagen production
      • Relaxes muscle tension 
      • Drains toxins through the lymphatic system 
      • Brightens skin 
      • Minimizes the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles
      • Tones jawline, chin and neck 
      • Decreases puffiness
      • Regulates oil production 

      Konjac Face Sponge

      Hermit Konjac Face Sponge

      What is a Konjac Face Sponge 

      Konjac Sponges are actually made from a porous root vegetable. They are a great way to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Plus they are fully compostable! 

      How to Use a Konjac Face Sponge

      • Soak the sponge in warm water, letting it soften and expand to its full size 
      • The Konjac Sponge can be used with or without a facial cleanser 
      • Use by moving the sponge in a circular motion 
      • Once you are finished rinse the sponge, removing any soap or debris, and gently squeeze out any excess water
      • Hang to dry 

      Benefits of a Konjac Face Sponge 

      Enjoy glowing and radiant skin! The Konjac Face Sponge offers many benefits including: 

      • Gentle enough for daily use
      • Great for oily and acne-prone skin
      • Removes dead skin cells & unclogs pores
      • Gently exfoliates skin 
      • Removes makeup 
      • Compostable and Zero-Waste

      How to Incorporate Hermit Face Tools Into Your Skincare & Self-Care Routine 

      Hermit face tools are a great way to add a moment of self-care into your busy routine. They will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. Plus your skin will love you! 

      Depending on your skin-care routine and your daily schedule, you can use these products in the evening and morning (or anytime in between!) They are a great way to start your day or to unwind before bed. 

      Pause and enjoy a moment of relaxation. 


      Gua Sha

      Are Gua Sha Safe?

      Gua Sha is considered safe. When using this technique on your face, be gentle. There is the possibility of causing bruising to the face or slight discolouration but this should clear up quickly. If your skin and face become sore, you may be using too much pressure. 

      Does Gua Sha Work?

      Gua Sha is a practice that has been used for many centuries. When used on the face, Gua Sha can help relieve tension and may also help to decrease puffiness and increase circulation. Gua sha gives you a natural facelift, helping to sculpt facial features. For best results use the Hermit Gua Sha tool regularly. 

      Face Cup 

      Is Face Cupping Safe?

      Facial Cupping is generally considered to be safe. Some people may develop minor bruising, however, this can typically be avoided by keeping the cup continually gliding along the skin at all times. Face cupping can also cause broken capillaries for some. Other possible, temporary side effects may include dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea or cold sweats. 

      Is Face Cupping the Same as Body Cupping?

      Face Cupping is a much gentler practice than Body Cupping. While there are a few different methods, Body Cupping typically uses stationery cups that are attached to the skin for a longer period of time. This often results in bruising and red marks. Some cupping methods involve controlled medicinal bleeding or may be used along with other treatments such as acupuncture. Traditionally with Body Cupping, cups are heated using fire. When placed against the skin, the cooling air inside the cup creates a vacuum. 

      Konjac Face Sponge 

      Can I use a Konjac Sponge every day?

      Yes, Konjac Sponges are gentle enough to use every day.

      Can you reuse a Konjac Sponge?

      Yes, Konjac Sponges can be reused for up to one month, after which you should compost and replace them with a new sponge.

      How often should I replace my Konjac Sponge?

      Konjac Sponges should be replaced about once per month.